The following Guest article is an extract from the book Project Decisions: The Art and Science By authors Lev Virine and Michael Trumper, published by Management Concepts, Inc.© 2008. Reproduced with permission.
Published here July 2008.

Introduction | Project Manager's Judgment Quiz
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Answers to Questions 1 to 4 | Answers to Questions 5 to 10 | Assessing Your Score

Assessing Your Score

Now score yourself and see where you fall in the table below.

Number of Correct Answers

Means that ...

Some Advice


You are the ace of project management

Your intuition as a project manager is outstanding. The bad news is this book may not improve your excellent mental abilities. Sorry, the authors don't issue refunds or accept returns.


You are the king or queen of project management

You intuition is very good. But you can still improve your decision-making skills by reading this book.


You are part of the general population of project managers.

Don't worry. Most people have difficulties answering these questions without running a computer analysis. In this book you will find answers to these and many other questions.

Need to polish up? Then you should read the book.

Answers to Questions 5 to 10  Answers to Questions 5 to 10

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