This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Shannah Henderson  2022.

Published here June 2022.

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3.  Not Being Proactive in Asking Your Customers About Their Needs

To really excel as a service-based business, it is pertinent to have a solid grasp of each one of your customer's individual needs. After confirming there is a market for their service, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of just devising a one-size-fits-all service model. However, to really over-deliver and grow customer loyalty, be proactive in asking every customer about the exact problem they are hoping to solve with your service. Then, see how you can tweak your service to better accommodate their needs.

You can do this right at the start of your service and then later, on a continual basis, by sending out a monthly email to your customers to see if they have any questions or need anything changed. It is so much better to be crystal clear on the problems you are solving and proactive in trying to help your customers instead of sitting back and waiting for them to reach out to you. They will really appreciate you going the extra mile to help them!

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