This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Shannah Henderson  2022.

Published here June 2022.

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1.  Not Confirming There Is an Accessible Market for Your Services in the First Place

Wouldn't it be a total bummer if you spend a ton of time getting your business all ready to launch, only to find that no one is actually interested in buying your service? Yes, it sounds overly simple enough, but I've come across a number of entrepreneurs throughout my journey who wasted years creating a service that ended up not attracting any customers because there was no real need for it. So trust me when I say this — do your research!

One way to do that is by reading any negative reviews that may exist about your service company's potential competitors. The review writers may bring up issues they experienced and/or changes they wish your competitors' services had. For example, maybe they wanted more reasonable price points, quicker replies to email inquiries, or a way to make reservations online. You can then use these critiques to ensure your service answers all of the target customers' needs and doesn't have any of the highlighted issues.

You will know then that your service has a market, as these review writers shared what they desired in your service category in their reviews.

Introduction  Introduction

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