This Guest paper was submitted for publication February 12, 2020. It is copyright to Scott Matthews © 2020.
Published here April 1, 2020.

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Training Weak Performers

The normal trend from time immemorial has been to attract professionals with the needed skills to step right into a job. While this trend has not stopped, stiff competition in the industry will give rise to a new and almost opposite trend, which is training weak performers.

Project managers are more willing now to take in someone with little or no experience and train them within a short period of time on how to deal with specific issues. The beginner gets all the materials they need to improve and work better. This can be advantageous in that beginners come with virtually no preconceived ideas, but possibly have newer ideas and innovative approaches to solutions rather than having been drilled with some 'standard protocol'. Moreover, they are also usually more anxious to prove themselves, and thus give it their all.


Having an understanding of current project management trends will help project managers, and the organizations they work for, to develop their business strategies accordingly. It is always important to be informed of the current trends, but ultimately that does not replace real skills and creativity.

Scott Matthews

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