This Guest paper was submitted for publication February 12, 2020. It is copyright to Scott Matthews © 2020.
Published here April 1, 2020.

Introduction | Hybrid Project Management Approaches | Remote Teams
Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Kanban Boards | Training Weak Performers

Kanban Boards

Kanban is the Japanese word for "billboard". It was first invented and executed by Toyota (the automobile company) to improve its manufacturing.

Kanban is an approach to cataloging that uses a visual board with a grid and a number of Kanban cards to manage the flow of work. Use of Kanban is a project management trend in 2020. It is a sign that progress is being made with project managers avoiding stagnation in the tools that they typically use to manage their projects. It will also help managers to embrace innovation in the way they work projects.

The Kanban theory is mostly useful for smaller agile projects which are prone to constant change. What Kanban does is to help project managers to manage their tasks more centrally and so avoid incremental delays.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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