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Post Project Appraisal

The net result was that when the new equipment eventually did come on stream, it was seriously under utilized. Production morale ebbed. Some staff publicly voiced their view that the over-supply of commercial space could have been foreseen even before the project started, especially the oversupply of retail and hotel space, the prime source of Woody's contracts. John Carpenter, not a favorite with the older staff, was blamed for introducing these "new fangled and unnecessarily complicated ideas".

Because of this experience, Woody's President Emelia Carpenter retained project management consultant Win Easley of W. Easley Associates to conduct a post project appraisal. Easley had some difficulty in extracting solid information because relevant data was scattered amongst various staff, who were not keen to reveal their short-comings. Only a few formal notes of early project meetings could be traced. Most of the communication was on hand-written Speedy memos, many of which were undated. However, interviews with the key players elicited considerable information, as has been outlined above.

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