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The Project Concept

It was agreed at the meeting that additional production capacity would be added equivalent to 25% of the existing floor area. The opportunity would also be taken to install air-conditioning and a dust-free paint and finishing shop complete with additional compressor capacity. Equipment would include a semi-automatic woodworking production train, requiring the development and installation of software and hardware to run it. The President and Executive Vice Presidents' offices would also be renovated.

At the meeting, the total cost of the work, not including office renovation, was roughly estimated at $17 million. Woody agreed to commit the company to a budget of $17 million as an absolute maximum for all proposed work and the target date for production would be eighteen months from now. To give Woody's personnel a feeling of ownership, Molly Bussell proposed that the project should be called Woody 2000. Spencer Moneysworth would take responsibility for Project Woody 2000.

The Opportunity  The Opportunity

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