Published here August 2012

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This book presents its own Final Thoughts with these words, in part:

"In this book we have attempted to address the implications of project complexity on the good practices that are described in the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge - Fourth Edition®. We have examined the increased importance of the role of stakeholders in projects of advanced complexity. In fact, the changing role of the stakeholders and their varying degrees of involvement in the project add to the project's complexity."[39]
"Projects are essentially endeavors of people and organizations to meet specific needs through available technologies in given environments. And as those people, organizations, technologies, and environments change, so too will the processes, tools and techniques that are used to manage them."[40]

In the book, we are treated to the many challenges in "complex" projects that the project manager may face as to "who" and "what", though only limited advice as to "how" and "when".

Undoubtedly, this book provides a valuable project management reference to the challenges facing the project management practitioner entering the world of "complex" projects, especially for the first time. It is to be hoped that, gradually, recommended "good practices" will be found to deal with the many intricacies described throughout this book. After all, as the authors rightly observe: "Effective stakeholder management can be the difference between an outstanding success and terrible failure."[41]

And, we think, that observation probably goes for any size of project.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

Downside - in   Downside - in "Communications"

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