Published here April 2012

Introduction to the Books | About the Authors and Their Books
Book 1 - Introduction and Book Structure | What We Liked | Downside | Summary
Book 2 - What Functional Managers Need to Know about Project Management
Book 3 - Value-Driven Project Management
Book 4 - Managing Complex Projects


This book provides a wealth of useful project management information and advice in crisp straightforward language. The Table of Contents provides an easy source of reference for the various available topics and the index provides more in-depth assistance.

It is a quick and easy read and quite possibly of most value to those project managers with considerable practical experience but who aspire to join the executive suite. That's because the problem is that if existing busy executives don't know what they need to know, they probably won't bother to find out.

Coming Next

In PART 2 of this paper we will discuss the book What Functional Managers Need to Know and, in PART 3, Value-Driven Project Management.

Downside  Downside

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