Published here August, 2005.

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As author Jason Charvat notes in the introduction to his book, there are not many publications that address project methodologies and templates. And more's the pity because, as he also notes, every project undertaken requires a common structure or framework in which to start.[14] You would think that the issue of a suitable framework would have received much greater attention and research by the academic community. Especially considering that the design of the project life span is the single most important differentiator between projects and non-projects. Jason's book is therefore a very welcome addition to the ever-growing list of project management literature.

The book gives a good introduction and overview of a variety of different project methodologies. It stresses that it is very important to get the selection right for the given organization and the particular project circumstances. Failure to match these correctly may well result in disaster. And here, Jason makes another very important point. The methodology for managing the project, which we would call the design of the project life span, is not the same thing as a methodology for managing the technology - though obviously the two must be closely integrated.

That is no doubt why smart organizations team together project managers and project technical managers to get the job done. This is to ensure not only meeting the project goals of "on time and on budget" but also the technical goals of scope, quality and customer satisfaction as well. Together these are the marks of a truly successfully project!

This is a valuable book for the insight it provides into a variety of methodologies for those contemplating corporate project processes, or even evaluating the suitability of their existing methodologies for their current projects.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

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14. Ibid, p xiii
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