Published here August, 2005.

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The Importance of the Right Methodology 
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Book Structure

Project Management Methodologies has eight chapters as follows:

  1. Understanding Project Methodologies
  2. Project Methodologies Explained
  3. Project Management Frameworks
  4. Development Methodology - Selection and Utilization
  5. Implementing Project Methodologies
  6. Supporting the Methodology
  7. Project Templates and Techniques
  8. Project Processes and Trends

Of the chapters, chapter 4 is by far the longest and provides an interesting perspective on a variety of methodologies as viewed by Jason. He says: "I present various methodologies that can be used by virtually every industry using project management - not just IT - as the way to achieve business goals."[3] However, the eighteen methodologies described in this chapter mostly focus on IT and only two or three of the four in Chapter 3 are really "generic".

The book sports a large number of bulleted checklists and tables for ease of reference. It also includes a number of figures to illustrate the text. Each chapter concludes with a summary or lessons learned, a set of discussion questions relating to the chapter and references where applicable.

The book also includes an Appendix of Questions and Answers. A CD-ROM that includes "more than 120 tried-and-true project management templates that can be utilized immediately" is purported to be available separately but we were unable to track down Jason's web site to verify this.

Introduction  Introduction

3. Ibid, p xiv  
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