A Presentation to the Construction Industry in the cities of Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and New Delhi on behalf of the Consultancy Development Centre, New Delhi, India - January 1990

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Managing a project is very different from managing a production facility, or other established on-going operation. Differences are to be found in the project life cycle, substantial changes in the level-of-effort required at different phases of the project and the consequent difficulties of exercising control.

Project management is not difficult to understand. However, depending on the nature and circumstances of the project, success may be difficult to achieve. The key is to be found in establishing the project Executive's philosophy and mandate, understanding the project's external environment, followed by thorough and early planning to provide the basics for sound execution and control.

The goal must be to establish a solid record of successful projects, which have been identified as financially and economic ally sound and to manage them from concept-to-operation, while conserving human and material resources and protecting the physical environment. This can only be achieved by developing a network of creative and experienced project management professionals through an explicit project management education and training program.

Therefore, this presentation includes a brief description of the background, need, structure and content of a unique body of knowledge relating to the management of projects, and on which education and training can be based. It is to be hoped that a convincing case has been made for the establishment of such a program, as the basis for a recognized professional discipline.

1990, 2001

Project Management Education and Professionalism  Project Management Education and Professionalism

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