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Here are just some of the valuable tips that Scott offers you to minimize the risk of problems. Some of them are pretty obvious. However, while closely following these steps does not guarantee your bag will not get lost, as Scott says, "It will improve your chances of avoiding a problem".

  1. The name on the bag has to match the name of the person traveling; and the name, address and telephone number must be written clearly and understandably.
  2. The nametags must be sturdy and attached firmly enough to withstand: getting caught and pulled in mechanical belts; stresses your bags will experience as they are transported through the system; and handling by the airport workers. The best place to put identification is in a holder that is flush with the design of the luggage or bag, and make sure the holder is affixed firmly and securely to the bag.
  3. In addition, you should put a legal size sheet of paper with your identification and itinerary into a plastic zipper locking bag and place it inside your luggage right on top. This way, it will be clearly visible when someone opens your bag looking for identification. Your name and telephone number will be sufficient for the airline or a law enforcement inspector to locate you.
  4. You should also add a colorful and unique visual means for identifying your luggage. This way you can distinguish it visibly, quickly and reliable from other people's luggage of the same color and appearance. For example, add a colorful or unique ribbon, rag, or similar marker.
  5. When you check in, make sure that you ask the airline to check your bags all the way to your destination.

Scott adds that his most important advice to travelers is really simple: "If you can't replace it, live without it, or seal your next deal without it, just don't pack it!"[2]

Book Contents  Book Contents

2. Ibid, p13
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