Published here December, 2007.  

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Book Contents

The book is very simple and the advice is easy to follow. There are ten chapters:

  1. Baggage Check-in: Proper Identification
  2. Luggage and Locks
  3. Before You Pack
  4. Luggage Damage: What's Covered? What's Not?
  5. What Thieves Target and When
  6. Domestic vs. International Compensation
  7. Luggage Security at the Carousel
  8. Where Does Luggage Go When It Disappears?
  9. Filing a Luggage Claim with the Airline
  10. Make the Best of Your Travel Experience.

These chapters are packed with valuable information and helpful advice for the modern traveler. The advice in the book will probably save you many times its cost in contents and inconvenience when you lose a piece of luggage.

Very simply, the baggage handling system is a nightmare for the airlines. Like it or not, it's complex, and daunting. Apparently, lack of proper identification is the number one reason why bags are not reunited with their owners. "When you check your baggage, you are gambling that whatever is in your luggage is going to arrive safely [but] luggage is often lost, damaged, delayed or pilfered" Scott says.

Introduction  Introduction

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