Title:  Project Management Knowledge as a Basis for Global Communication. Learning and Professionalism


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The Project Management Institute's Missing Opportunities?

As noted earlier, the Project Management Institute has published a Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide that provides the basis for its professionalism programs (Duncan 1996). This guide provides a framework and covers eleven 'knowledge areas', twelve if you include the introductory chapter. Each knowledge area is presented as a process, the descriptions of which cover a number of topics. The content is limited to knowledge and practice that is generally accepted and unique or nearly unique to the field of project management. By design it is targeted at the management of a single project (Duncan 1998). These knowledge areas are depicted as shown in Exhibit 3.

Exhibit 3. The 1996 Project Management Institute Body of

Exhibit 3. The 1996 Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge

Notice the all-on-one-level relationship of these knowledge areas. This arrangement gives little opportunity for the student of project management to digest and understand the relationships between these various areas, although process diagrams are provided in the body of the text, some of which are conceptually flawed.

However, the considerations and concepts discussed in this paper can be simplified into the more familiar 'tree' structure shown in Exhibit 4. A comparison of Exhibits 3 and 4 shows how the discussion of project management knowledge can be both simplified and expanded in its coverage.

Exhibit 4. Programs and Projects in the Real World Exhibit 4. Programs and Projects in the Real World
do APMAs fit?  Where do APMAs fit?

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