Published here December, 2005.

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Thomas is fond of using acronyms throughout his book, some of which we were unable to trace. A glossary providing a list of these and their meaning would have been helpful. Also, there is no Glossary of project management terms to clarify the particular meanings that he uses. It would have been useful to have a Glossary of those special terms that he introduces. However, as noted in the Introduction, a full Glossary of PM terms is available from the J. Ross Publishing web site.

This book provides a good basic coverage of the management of construction-type projects, especially where profit is a key motivating factor such as project management service providers and contractors. Thomas Cappels clearly has a lot of interesting experience and observations to recount and probably comes across well in contractor training sessions. However, we think that the content of his book could be better organized and much better focused to make the case for Financially Focused Project Management.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

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