Published here December, 2005.

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Book Structure

Financially Focused Project Management (FFPM) contains fourteen chapters and four case studies. The chapters are as follows:

  1. Update on Project Management
  2. Project Management Overview
  3. Human Aspects of Project Management
  4. The Project Team
  5. Project Management Office, Portfolio Management and Partnering
  6. Proposals and Pricing
  7. Project Planning
  8. Assessing Project Risks and Potential Impacts
  9. Project Resource Management and Performance Measurement
  10. Project Audit, Termination and Closure
  11. Financial Administration and financially Focused Project Management Training
  12. Financially Focused Project Management Performers and Components
  13. The Role of Quality in Project Management
  14. Project Management in the 21st Century

Case Study A is a brief description of the Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta merger in 1994 and the application of FFPM. Case Study B, "Perky Pets" is a fictional study based on real-life manufacturing goals and objectives. Case Study C is based on a factual case of implementing FFPM in a major software development project and Case Study D describes the application of FFPM to the service industry, a hotel courtesy car service. Each chapter and case study concludes with a brief set of self-study/discussion questions.

The book text is well laid out and liberally punctuated with illustrative charts, diagrams and bulleted lists, all of which makes for easy reading.

Introduction  Introduction

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