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A New Section Added

Now where would the material on this vital and fundamental subject best belong in order to give it proper emphasis and avoid needless repetition? For that matter, where does one place a discussion of project management concepts described in the context of, but distinct from, classical management theory?

Well, believe it or not, the only answer seemed to be to have a general or overview category. To avoid the problem of the "miscellaneous" file, which ends up collecting just about everything, this general section was carefully labeled Project Management Concepts.

Figure 9: This overview section was subsequently renamed "Project Management Framework"

What finally surfaced from this exercise was a series of functional structures incorporating the original ESA work. The original ESA charts were somewhat modified for consistency and to differentiate between function specific content and function specific process. At the same time additions have been made, hopefully in general terms, which will cover industry specific (e.g. construction) topics not so far identified in the present ESA structure. The results are shown in the accompanying charts.

By the way, do you remember that neat little diagram that I developed showing the function-process-time relationship in project management? Does anyone know where I put that x#*x! transparency?

Figure 10: This section is the genesis of "Program" management
(as distinct from project management).
While there is now more discussion of Program Management, to date
it has not been seriously pursued as a learned discipline.

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