Published here July 2017

Introduction | The Challenge
Justification for Different Groupings: Project Management Hierarchy | Industry/Product Sectors
Internet Research | Taming the Long List of Industry Sectors
Significant Difference in Types of Output | Putting "Work" and "Product" Together
Comments Regarding Appendix A | Summary of Our Deliberations

Internet Research

Internet research showed that there are quite a number of organizations that publish lists of Product/Product Sectors for various purposes. For our study we chose to select a limited number of such lists that appeared appropriate as follows:

  1. Industry Sectors, Public Works Canada, Internet, accessed 10/25/15
  2. International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC), Rev.4, Internet, accessed 10/25/15
  3. Outline of industry, Major industries, Wikipedia, Internet, accessed 10/25/15
  4. Business sectors, Everis consulting, Internet, accessed 10/25/15
  5. Canada Business Network, Industry sectors, Internet, accessed 10/25/15
  6. Archibald, Multi-dimensional Classification of Projects, Figure 9,
  7. Yahoo! Finance, Industry by Sector, Internet, accessed 10/25/15
  8. ISO TC258 draft Vocabulary for Project Program and Portfolio management, work in progress.

A study of these lists quickly determined that the number of potential project management AofAs amount to several hundreds, and this number is no doubt increasing every day. So the issue now is whether it is possible to sort these areas of application into a limited number of groups that are representative of collections of industry sectors. That is, collections that are relevant for purposes of a simplified project management classification arrangement.

Justification for Different Groupings - Industry/Product Sectors  Justification for Different Groupings - Industry/Product Sectors

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