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Introduction | The Challenge
Justification for Different Groupings: Project Management Hierarchy | Industry/Product Sectors
Internet Research | Taming the Long List of Industry Sectors
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Comments Regarding Appendix A | Summary of Our Deliberations

Justification for Different Groupings — Project Management Hierarchy

Our first need was to find a name, or label, for referring to this large collection of glossary terms. Actually, that was solved a long time ago with the label "Project Management Terms". However, since the Glossary has grown beyond that of a single project, it follows that Project Management must also grow likewise.

Hence, we should now define Project Management as:

"The whole domain of project activity encompassing governance, portfolio management, program management, the management of a single project, and all related tools and techniques."

By the same token, and when needed, we can refer to the conduct of an individual project as "Single Project Management" (SPM).

So all of that provides us with a breakdown of five levels ranging from Governance to Tools and Techniques as shown in Figure 1 below.


Glossary Name



Level in Group hierarchy and Comments

Management Discipline



Corporate Policy

Overarching all PM activities



PPfM Discipline

Level 1-Incl. relevant T&T High



PgM Discipline

Level 2-Ditto



SPM Discipline

Level 3-Ditto

Tools & TechNiques


PM Processes

Level 4-All T&T only Low

Note: The letters in the column marked "Ref**" are used for sorting, but also appear in the various Glossaries to show when the term appears in related Glossaries.

Figure 1: Hierarchy levels in project management

The Challenge  The Challenge

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