Published here July 2017

Introduction | The Challenge
Justification for Different Groupings: Project Management Hierarchy | Industry/Product Sectors
Internet Research | Taming the Long List of Industry Sectors
Significant Difference in Types of Output | Putting "Work" and "Product" Together
Comments Regarding Appendix A | Summary of Our Deliberations

Appendix A - Listings of Industry Sectors A through H

Comments on the table as developed from the sources shown:

  1. Below each source document title in columns A through H is shown the number of discrete entries at the group level in the original source document.
  2. For simplicity in displaying the comparison between sources in the table, we have grouped a number of lesser industries together in a given column. Hence the number of occupied rows is less than the original number shown at the top.
  3. Note that the entries in column A through H are themselves headings that cluster numerous similar project management Areas of Application, so that the Table as a whole covers the whole area of potential project activity.
  4. Column I contains our suggested representative term for each row in question.
  5. Column J identifies the general category of the row according to one of the four types, 1 through 4, displayed in the Basic 2x2 Project Classification table according to Figure 2.
  6. Finally, the four that we feel are best representative of the industries in each of the categories are hi-lighted in yellow. This selection is based generally on the size of the industry in question and the extent of recognition of that industry in project management literature.

Of course, our selection necessarily tends to be very subjective, especially as many industries engage in projects that range from simple maintenance to advanced research.

Figure A1 shows Work Types 1 & 2 (click to enlarge)

** Healthcare and Public Services are two very large areas of administrative type projects involving similar type outputs.
Note: Category Type 1 projects generally result in Craft/Tangible outcomes. Type 2 projects generally result in Craft/Intangible outcomes.

Figure A2 shows Work Types 3 & 4 (click to enlarge)

Note: Category Type 3 projects generally result in Intellect/Tangible outcomes. Type 4 projects generally result in Intellect/Intangible outcomes.

Putting   Putting "Work" and "Product"


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