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August 2012

Editor's Note | Introduction | Comparable Background 
In Project Work | Points For and Against Licensing Project Managers
What Might Licensing Look Like? | Conclusion | About the Authors


One of our goals when writing articles is to raise awareness and thinking about serious issues within the global project management community. One such issue in particular that we have been considering for the last couple of years is the question of whether we can make a case for being "professionally licensed" as a project manager. In this article, we present our research and perspectives on the subject. The formal licensing of project managers is perhaps a contentious subject. Nevertheless, we hope that our readers will appreciate the information we present and will think objectively about the subject.

Three factors led to our agreeing on this topic:

  • The current state of project management
  • The licensing requirements in other professions (e.g., architecture, medicine, accounting)
  • The recent discussions and increase in opinions being voiced on this topic in online forums and other media

Let us look at a couple of perspectives

Editor's Note  Editor's Note

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