Published here October 2012

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So there you have it. The participants in this discussion are evidently passionate about the subject. However, they are also about evenly divided on the question: "Do you consider 'Project manager' a profession or not?"

But as Bill Duncan has pointed out, it all depends on how you view the definition of "profession". The problem appears to be in the original question. Perhaps we should be talking about "Recognized Profession" or maybe "Registered Profession", in which case the results might be clearer. And, moreover, we might have a satisfactory answer to Bill's question: "Why does it matter?"

Either way, the curious readers should go back and read what we wrote in Musings seven years ago, see here: Process Groups and the Profession - Part I & 2. Have we really made any progress since then?

R. Max Wideman

Contributors who say PM is a Profession  Contributors who say PM is a Profession

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