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Project #121 Established

In l984, the PMI Board decided to establish Project #121 to address these issues. The general purpose of this project was "To capture the knowledge applied to project management by PMI members, to do so within the existing ESA Standards framework, and to present it in simple but comprehensive terms." As incoming President Harvey Levine noted in his article in the Project Management Journal (December l984, p9):

"The intention will not be to re-invent the wheel, but rather to: (1) review the standards in each area of concentration; (2) identify available materials supporting those standards; (3) promote the development of materials to fill the voids; and (4) "tie" a ribbon around each of the six packages.

"I see as our products: the Standards, a set of Bibliographies, and sets of textbooks, handbooks, and technical papers that can be used for our workshops, certification, and general dissemination to those interested in learning about project management."

No small order! Certainly the PMI Board recognized that this project was possibly the most important and most urgent before the Institute. It also required broad participation by the PMI membership. Consequently, with the enthusiastic help of the PMI chapters, committees were quickly recruited to address the different segments.

Early Work and ESA  Early Work and ESA

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