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PMBOK Credibility

It soon became apparent that if the overhaul of the PMBOK proved to be fairly major, then the validity and credibility of the results must be a concern. This is especially true because it would form the future basis on which the educational and certification programs depended, and on which much time and effort had already been expended.

At the suggestion of the then PMI Director of Education, Dr. John Adams, a special PMBOK Validation Workshop was proposed to take place just prior to the 1985 annual Seminar/Symposium. The workshop objective was "To critique or affirm the work of PMI's Project Management Function Standards Development Committees and to make recommendations for adoption by the PMI Board." PMI's most active and knowledgeable members were invited, and the anticipation of the workshop provided the stimulus for the various committees to produce and present excellent reports.

The workshop was well attended and under the guiding hands of Drs. Frank Stickney and Dave Cleland as moderators, the workshop proved to be an outstanding success. Each of the committee reports underwent close scrutiny by individual workshop groups, and then collectively to ensure an integrated whole. As a result, a number of findings emerged which are described in the following section. Not surprisingly, each of the reports required some modification and updating before presentation to, and acceptance-in-principle by, the PMI Board in April 1986.

The first complete PMBOK draft was published for general information and comment by the membership in the Special Summer Issue of the Project Management Journal in August 1986. Suggestions and contributions were solicited and much interest was generated. Much work was still to be done but in the meantime the present status represents a new level of understanding from which PMI's Accreditation, Education and Certification programs can continue to grow.

Project #121 Established  Project #121 Established

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