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Consensus and Findings

In the course of Project #121, a significant degree of consensus was reached on a number of basic issues not previously defined. For example: there was unanimity over the need for simplicity and universality within the PMI PMBOK development mandate.

There was also no difficulty in accepting the following definition of a project:

"A project is any undertaking with a defined starting point and defined objectives by which completion is identified.

In practice, most projects depend on a finite or limited resources by which the objectives are to be accomplished."

It should be noted that the definition of project does not require a long dissertation as to how its objectives are to be achieved. This is intrinsic in the definition of project management! These and other general project management terms are defined in the Glossary of General Terms included under Project Management Framework.

More important, as was discovered in the course of this project, is the definition of the project management body of knowledge itself.

Jim Blethen's committee first struggled with the idea of Concepts in Project Management and concluded in their interim report that nowhere is the organizational management overlay and interface (of project management) discussed. Thus, as Linn Stuckenbruck noted in his report "... it was recognized that it would be desirable to have one of the workshop tracks review the PMBOK from an overview perspective." Not surprisingly, this track attracted a lot of high powered attention, to say nothing of high powered discussion. Indeed, moderator Frank Stickney was moved to observe at the time that he had not seen such hard work done by such a talented and dedicated group in such a true workshop environment in a long time.

As a result of these discussions, two important findings emerged. First, the realization that the original ESA WBS is too restrictive for purposes of representing the PMBOK, especially "... inadequately describing the necessary interdependencies and inter-relationships between the six project management functions."

Second, "That there is a need for a special subject area in which the essential project management functions of integration and interface management can be addressed." In fact, the discussions during the workshop became oriented towards refining the overview model or common frame of reference, and it is for this reason that the name "Project Management Framework" has been adopted for this area of concentration.

PMBOK Credibility  PMBOK Credibility

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