Alan Harpham, Chairman of the APM Group, UK

An update of a paper originally presented at The 16th International Project Management Association's World Congress in Berlin, 2002.

Copyright Alan Harpham.
Published here March 2003.

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Some Reflections

In the mid-1980's when working on early program management in British Telecom, it became clear that the delivery of the project's benefits was not the project manager's responsibility. It was the project sponsor's responsibility, managed through the user or operator of the new asset or deliverable.

At the same time, I recall one major bank working on a branch information technology project, actually a large program, which was justified on the grounds of improved marketing information and increased efficiency in the branches. The program management team received the following query from the Board: "We understand the project's status in terms of project delivery to time, cost and quality, but where are the benefits and when will we get them?" The team's response was to hurriedly appoint a "project manager for the delivery of the benefits" — and that was towards the end of the project implementation phase!

This became the responsibility of a poor young, recently qualified MBA student. Most would say "too little, too late!" because the responsibility for delivery of the benefits begins at the outset of the project and its definition. Furthermore, there is increasing recognition that someone in the organization must drive the delivery of the benefits. Is this what MSP calls the Change Manager? I will look at this next.

The Program Management Framework  The Program Management Framework

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