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An update of a paper originally presented at The 16th International Project Management Association's World Congress in Berlin, 2002.

Copyright Alan Harpham.
Published here March 2003.

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The Business Change Manager

The MSP guide introduces another role to manage the delivery of the benefits, namely the "Business Change Manager". The business change manager is responsible for the benefits management process and for ensuring that the organization is ready to take on the new capabilities delivered by the program of projects. S/he must therefore ensure that the organization is able to realize the benefits stemming from the new capabilities.

This creates a new program management structure as shown in Figure 9 below.

Figure 9. MSP Program and project roles
Figure 9. MSP Program and project roles[3]

From Figure 9, we can see that the program sponsor has been renamed program director, with overall leadership and ultimate accountability to the business for the program. However, the MSP guide still recognizes the importance of the program being sponsored by the most senior executives of the organization, or group of organizations, who are committed to the program. The program director leads the sponsoring group, and must ensure their endorsement and underwriting of the business case for the program. S/he must also ensure their commitment to supporting the changes introduced by the program, and their utilization of the new capabilities delivered by the program to ensure the required benefits are achieved.

The program manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the program, its risks, issues, conflicts, priorities, communications, and ensuring delivery of the new capabilities. The business change manager is responsible for realizing the benefits through the integration of the new capabilities into the business operations.

A more detailed list of the responsibilities of the program roles can be found in chapter 3 of the MSP guide.

Some Reflections  Some Reflections

3. Ibid, Figure 4, p19
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