Alan Harpham, Chairman of the APM Group, UK

An update of a paper originally presented at The 16th International Project Management Association's World Congress in Berlin, 2002.

Copyright Alan Harpham.
Published here March 2003.

PART 1 | How and Where | How does Program Management Fit
Program Management | Framework | Reflections
Business Change Manager | Key Processes | Accreditation | Conclusions


The changes facing society in nearly all fields of human endeavor will both accelerate and continue to expand. Therefore, the need for some appropriate collective management discipline based on sound principles will become of increasing importance. Such management discipline must enhance the likelihood of successful outcomes, with the benefits being delivered on time and to cost, whilst matching the needs of society and organizations. Program management is the name given to that discipline and it will undoubtedly develop and grow just as project management has in the last 40 years or so.

While program management is a relatively new management discipline in the field of change and project management, it is also is clearly here to stay, develop and grow.

Accreditation  Accreditation

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