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Conclusion | Footnote: Whence the Term "Smoke Test"?

Implementing Weekly Build

It was important that the WBST activity be incorporated into the project plan. This would ensure that adequate resources were allocated for the build activity and that we wold know what components were undergoing the WBST. The key to project control is to know the progress of the project accurately.

So, the weekly build gave an enormous amount of visibility to the project manager as he could see the components getting integrated and issues getting resolved every week. Previously, the issues would only become known much later during integration testing. Since some of the issues would be major, this would take a lot of extra effort and impact the schedule.

A schedule was drawn up for the WBST for each project and a manager was assigned responsibility for overseeing the WBST activity. The complete activity was also done on a clean dedicated (build) PC.

Frequency of Build  Frequency of Build

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