Introduction | Frequency of Build | Implementing Weekly Build
Broken Builds | Get the Customer to Review the Product Early
Conclusion | Footnote: Whence the Term "Smoke Test"?

Get the Customer to Review the Product Early

Adopting this weekly build process in the program gave us an immense benefit. We found we could reduce the time for integration testing. The integration issues also got reduced and the project team gained confidence in delivering the product on time.

Often in software development, the customer's needs and wants are different. Even if the system is designed with great care using experienced analysts and the latest design techniques, the result could still fail to solve the customer's problem. That is, the product we are delivering may be as per the wants, but may not fulfill customer's actual needs.

The weekly build and smoke test aims at addressing this issue effectively. The customer can see the product evolving along the way and get a feeling of comfort. Any changes desired by the customer can also be incorporated well in advance. Since the customer must view the product, they can let us know if any functionality has been overlooked. Once the feedback from the customer is received, we can revise the software to meet the exact needs.

Broken Builds  Broken Builds

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