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Broken Builds | Get the Customer to Review the Product Early
Conclusion | Footnote: Whence the Term "Smoke Test"?

Broken Builds

The objective is to ensure that the build is not broken at all. If in fact the build breaks, then the following procedure was adopted:

  • First check the build report for information, if that information is not sufficient, contact the manager to determine who is responsible. Then contact that person and ask them to fix it.
  • If the build does not compile or fails the smoke test, the manager should contact the developer responsible for that particular function and ask them to fix the code.
  • Whenever the build breaks, it should be documented, and immediately corrected in the version control system.
  • However, the weekly build that is broken must not be delayed or rebuilt. If a working weekly build is required for testing purposes, a second build may be created and posted with the weekly builds.

All developers in the team should be instructed to check in any code only after the entire module is tested to determine if their changes had an adverse effects.

Implementing Weekly Build  Implementing Weekly Build

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