The original version of this paper was published here in May 2009:
See S-curve/intro.htm

This 4th Edition was submitted for publication in January 2019.
It is copyright © Midori Media.
Published here July 2019.

Editor's Note and Introduction | What is an S‑curve? |
Types of S‑curvesBaseline, Target, Actual, Man Hours vs Time
Cost vs Time | Value and Percentage | PART 2

Types of S-curves —Cost versus Time S-curves

Cost versus Time S-curves are appropriate for Projects that contain labour and non-labour (e.g. material supply / hire / subcontract) Tasks. It shows cumulative Cost expended over time for the duration of the Project, and may be used to assist in the calculation of the Project's cash flow, and Cost To Complete.

Types of S-curves - Man Hours versus Time  Types of S‑curves — Man Hours versus Time

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