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Editor's Note and Introduction | What is an S‑curve? |
Types of S‑curvesBaseline, Target, Actual, Man Hours vs Time
Cost vs Time | Value and Percentage | PART 2

Types of S‑curves —Baseline S‑curves

Prior to Project commencement, a schedule is prepared outlining the proposed allocation of resources and the timing of Tasks necessary to complete the Project within a set time frame and budget. This schedule is referred to as the Baseline Schedule.

Once all the Tasks and their associated planned dates and values have been entered, the schedule should be baselined. In MS Project, base lining a project will copy the Task dates and values to the appropriate Baseline Fields. When the Baseline Schedule is copied to create the Production Schedule, these Baseline values will be available in the Production Schedule. The allows for the generation of Baseline S‑curves from the Production Schedule.

The Baseline Schedule may be used to generate Baseline S‑curves. These S‑curves reflects the planned progress of the Project. If the Project requirements change prior to commencement (e.g. change of scope, delayed start, etc.), the Baseline Schedule may require revision and re-base lining to reflect the changed requirements.

Once the Project has commenced, the original Baseline Schedule should be left unchanged. Although it may be tempting to re-baseline the Baseline Schedule to cover changes in scope, delays, variations, etc. this should not be done. The Baseline Schedule is a fixed snap shot of the Project's original timeframe and budget. Any changes that occur during the Project's lifetime will be readily visible when the Production Schedule is compared to the Baseline Schedule. As such claims for variations, Extensions of Time, Excusable Delays, etc. may be raised as required, using the Baseline Schedule as evidence of the original Project's scope and timing.

Figure 1: Baseline S-curve
Figure 1: Baseline S‑curve
Types of S-curves  Types of S‑curves

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