This Guest paper was originally published in the January, 2016 PM World Journal.
With some updating of the text, it is reproduced here with the permission of the author.
Copyright Stacy Goff, © 2016.
Published here May 2016

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Talent Management Area 1: Talent Acquisition | Desperately Seeking Project Talent
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Desperately Seeking Project Talent

Does talent matter more in Projects, compared to general operations? In our opinion, yes! For several reasons:

  • Operations maintain the status quo; projects change the status quo. Projects thus need much more power;
  • Operations tends to de-skill the roles, to homogenize processes and results; projects must high-skill the roles.
  • Operations are repetitive, with time for adjustments; with projects, you have only one chance to get it right;
  • Projects require very high levels of communication, engagement, emotional support, and knowledge transfer.

Project Talent is not one "bucket;" it has multiple dimensions. Each dimension has 20-40 elements of specialization. Note that one project manager cannot possibly demonstrate all these talent areas and elements. Still, the successful team must include high-performing members who demonstrate each Talent and element, when need-ed. Thus, project success requires a fully talented team of Sponsors, Resource Managers, Internal Customers, Project Managers and Team members to deliver the needed results. Any shortfall is a significant project risk.

***  Talent Management Area 1: Talent Acquisition

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