This Guest paper was originally published in the January, 2016 PM World Journal.
With some updating of the text, it is reproduced here with the permission of the author.
Copyright Stacy Goff, © 2016.
Published here May 2016

Editor's Note | Introduction by Stacy Goff | Talent from Then to Now 
Talent Management Area 1: Talent Acquisition | Desperately Seeking Project Talent
The Talent Areas of Greatest Importance | Summarizing Talent Acquisition | PART 2

Introduction by Stacy Goff

This article builds upon an article I wrote in 2008. It sets the stage with my "Talent Scout" story, and then explores Talent acquisition, the steps needed to develop Talent, and the challenges of retaining Project Talent. Finding, managing and developing project talent is both a serious challenge and a great opportunity. Talent is essential in two project dimensions: Application Area talent in the disciplines needed to deliver the project's product, and in the Project Management competences needed by all parties to leverage that talented team.

Years ago, I worked with a Human Resources group from a major Defense Contractor. They wished to apply more-effective Project Management methods to their daily project activities. One of this group's primary responsibilities was to search for qualified program and project managers. Early in our sessions, I observed that they are Talent Scouts, and the phrase struck a chord with them.

The most-savvy Talent Scouts not only discover and recognize talent; they also amplify it, nurture it, and reward it. They use the entire progression of learning, beyond Knowledge, beyond Skills, beyond Attitudes, and beyond Competence, to attain Project Performance.

Note  Editor's Note

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