This Guest paper was originally published in the January, 2016 PM World Journal.
With some updating of the text, it is reproduced here with the permission of the author.
Copyright Stacy Goff, © 2016.
Published here June 2016

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Talent Management Area 3: Managing and Retaining Talent
Maintaining Team Motivation and Morale | A Talented, Appropriate, Recovery Action

A Talented, Appropriate, Recovery Action

My wife Rose suggested a very common sense response to project Talent loss. She is also a project manager. In a review of one of our methodologies many years ago, she pointed out that most organizations use Project Change Control whenever Scope changes. She asked, why don't they use it any time any of the project vital signs change? Brilliant! I had presumed that this was already happening; but even with my clients, I found that, because so much emphasis was on scope control, that is mostly what they focused upon.

So I established fresh guidelines to reinforce this insight:

Use change control to manage talent, and all other changes. Bravo!

  • Treat talent changes like any other project change;
  • Manage them with your Change Control processes;
  • Evaluate the impact; and where needed, reverse changes;
  • Use our own tools to manage the risk of changes;
  • Help us practice what we preach!
  • Imagine what this can do for team motivation!


Begin your Talent search internally in your Enterprise, based on Role Competence requirements. Continue the search into the open market, other organizations, other locales and then other countries. An irony: Some Enterprises appear to use exactly the opposite sequence. They fail to recognize the Talent within.

Once you seek, find, and acquire your Project Talent, continue developing all your project teams. They are the potential for the most powerful project improvement you can achieve. Focus especially on improving Middle Manager Talent: the impact they have on project success is massive, whether beneficial or detrimental. Manage all talent effectively to maximize your yield. Your Talent Scouting improvement adventure begins here, and now, using the insights you have gleaned from this article.

Your continued project success depends upon it!

Maintaining Team Motivation and Morale  Maintaining Team Motivation and Morale

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