This paper is an update of a paper prepared for the June 2002 IPMA Conference in Berlin. It contains content from various training materials developed for the World Bank. The current paper is copyright to Robert Youker, © 2007.
Published here January 2008.

Introduction | Document #1: On-the-Job Tasks for the Project Manager 
Modules 1-3 | Modules 4-6 | Module 7 | Modules 8-9 | Modules 10-12
Document #2: The Project Manager's Duties | Document #3: Typical Elements in a Project Charter

Document #2: The Project Manager's Duties

The purpose of this document is to show how to implement the project within budget and according to project specifications, project schedule, and organizational policy and procedures.

Organization and Staffing

  • Set up and manage the project implementation unit
  • Build Teamwork
  • Coordinate across the matrix
  • Work with other departments
  • Establish procedures
  • Arrange training
  • Provide administrative services

Objective and Plans

  • Define and clarify objectives and specifications
  • Develop plans and schedules; define and approve all changes in plans and scope
  • Arrange resources
  • Approve technical design decisions


  • Organize procurement; award contracts
  • Recruit and hire consultants
  • Supervise consultants and construction


  • Be responsible for management of all aspects of the project
  • Lead and motivate the project team
  • Manage human relationships
  • Manage staff and resolve conflicts
  • Cope with risks
  • Maintain quality control

Management Information Systems

  • Prepare budgets and financial reports
  • Hold staff meetings and project reviews
  • Monitor and control actual vs. plan
  • Submit periodic reports to top management
  • Maintain project files


  • Handle public and customer relations
  • Travel to the field
  • Work with stakeholders
Modules 10-12  Modules 10-12

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