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Published here May 2017

PART 4 | Editor's Note & Table of Contents
Chapter 11: Dynamic Baseline Model (DBM) Implementation
Establishing a Realistic Performance Expectation | Managing Performance at each Level - Section 1
Level  4: Enter the Challenge of Risk | Bringing it to Ground | Measuring Performance at each Level
Seeking Opportunities for Improvement  | Chapter 12: Conclusion | The DBM Ten Commandments
Appendix A: DBM Complexity Diagnostic | PART 6

Measuring Performance at each Level

Level 1
Measuring Performance at Level 1 entails dashboards and performance charts that focus the audience on:

  • Yield — number of widgets produced
  • Quality Variations relative to standards, generally done on an exception-reporting basis
  • Utility in Overhead Investment

Level 2
Measuring performance at Level 2 entails a dashboard centered on schedule, cost variance and risk factors.

Level 3
Measuring performance at Level 3 entails estimation of Earned Value and the Estimate at Complete (EAC). It should be noted that the evolving methods baseline at Level 3 poses a challenge to tradition accounting methods for acquiring and processing data. As such, the Earned and EAC parameters need be estimated using the original plan as the reference and the application of sound object and experience-based analysis to produce the current performance picture.

Level 4
A performance dashboard at Level 4 must encompass the broader mission at hand. The context of a business transformation, not merely the product within that is to be rolled out. A Balanced Score Card approach provides sensitivity to the various balances being exercised by the Program Champion. The frequent tendency to instill a level 2 dashboard is emblematic of under targeting.

Level 5
Public Policy positions move slowly as a matter of due diligence to our democracy and the democratically-based institutions engaged. Balanced Score Card representations should include the public relations, constitutional checks and balances as well as the progress on the project itself.

Bringing it to Ground  Bringing it to Ground

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