Editor's Note: In Appendix D, in particular, author Mark Seely discusses contracting at some length. Please note that these remarks are in the context of Canadian law and practice. Be aware that the situations in other jurisdictions may be significantly different.

Published here June 2017

PART 5 | Editor's Note & Table of Contents
Appendix B: The Performance Dashboard | Appendix C: Human Characteristics
Appendix D: Contracting Considerations | Epilogue

Editor's Note

In Part 1, Mark Seely provided an abstract of his paper and discussed his purpose of writing it.
In Part 2, he de-constructed and then re-constructed the Project Management Paradigm.
In Part 3, he discussed: Level 1: Process Management; Level  2: Project Management; and Sociolytic Mindscaping.
In Part 4 he presents: Level 3: Program Management; Level 4: Program Governance, and Level 5: Public Governance.
In Part 5, Mark pointed to best practices for deployment of each of the five distinct levels, and concluding with his set of "DBM Ten Commandments". His Appendix A confronted complexity and pointed to simplifying options.
In this Part 6, the conclusion of Mark Seely's paper, Appendices B, C, & D respectively describe The Performance Dashboard, Human Characteristics and Contracting Considerations.

Table of Contents - Part 6

Appendix B: The Performance Dashboard
Appendix C: Human Characteristics
Appendix D: Contracting Considerations


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