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Published here January 2012

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Michael Feuer cofounded OfficeMax in 1988 starting with one store and $20,000 of his own money, a partner, and a small group of investors. As CEO, he grew it to more than 1,000 stores worldwide with annual sales topping $5 billion. He is also CEO of Max-Ventures, a venture capital and retail consulting firm, and founder and CEO of Max-Wellness, a comprehensive health and wellness retail chain that launched in 2010. After opening initial laboratory test stores in Florida and Ohio, a national rollout is now underway. He may be reached via Dottie DeHart:

Editor's note: The following guest article is adapted from Michael Feuer's latest book: The Benevolent Dictator - Empower Your Employees, Build Your Business, and Outwit the Competition. While the book is about corporate success and competition, we think that the lessons offered provide a valuable contribution to those working in the project management environment. After all, your project is a business. The book may be ordered through


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