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Published here January 2012

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Editor's Footnote

In this article, the author makes mention of the "Benevolent Dictator". In his book, described in our first Editor's note, Feuer explains this term in greater detail. Feuer's book essentially describes his lessons learned in launching and running a new and profitable business. And to this end, his book is divided into four "phases" that he describes as follows: 1. Start-up; 2. Build out and put the idea to the test; 3. Constant reinvention; and 4. The payday.[1]

To us, that looks remarkably like the basic four phases of any project.

R. Max Wideman

Tip #7: Message Packaging  Tip #7: Message Packaging

1. Feuer, Michael & Dustin S. Klein, The Benevolent Dictator, Wiley NJ, 2011, Author's Note page xv
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