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Published here February 2016

Editor's Note | Introduction | Exploring an Array of Methodologies  
Phases of a Project Management Process: Preparation | Delivery
Choosing the Right Method: Agile, Scrum | Lean, Six Sigma | Kanban, Other Methodologies
Software Can Make the Difference

Software Can Make the Difference

There is no right or wrong project management methodology, but there are a lot of options to choose from. A business must carefully assess the desired outcomes, as well as their current inputs and resources that are available. Whether implementing a new OPM program or just streamlining an existing one, project management software such as Hello Focus[4] can assist any organization seeking to increase profits by managing recurring tasks, providing clear communication channels and visible roadmaps, and reducing meeting times.


Project management is often used in IT environments, but has also been widely adapted by other business disciplines. Because every organization and company is unique, there is no "perfect", one-size-fits-all methodology. Take the time to evaluate your company's needs and identify which of these methodologies would best suit your project.

 Choosing the Right Method: Kanban, Other Methodologies    Choosing the Right Method: Kanban, Other Methodologies

4. See Hello Focus at:
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