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Choosing the Right Method: Kanban, Other Methodologies


This method is closely related to both the agile and lean methodologies and can often be combined effectively with the scrum methodology. Kanban is best employed with knowledge workers and most commonly for just-in-time delivery products. Because it's important to not overload the employees, this methodology visualizes the entire process so team members can view and understand where they are in the process. Kanban works with existing processes and implements micro changes. While sweeping changes may produce results faster, this method follows the belief that the success rate of incremental changes is greater than vast changes introduced quickly.

"Kanban" is Japanese for "visual card" and is a method formulated by David J. Anderson. Industries that can benefit from the Kanban method include: gaming companies, media, IT and investment banking". As Anderson explained in an interview with DZone's Mitch Pronschinske, "It makes more sense just to take the requests, work on them, and when they're ready, find some way of deploying them to production".

You can explore the Kanban approach at:

Other Methodologies

You may find that the above methodologies are not a good match for your industry or specific needs. So a few other methodologies you could explore include:

  • Waterfall - often used in developing software
  • RAD (Rapid Applications Development) - an approach to quickly develop products
  • NPI (New Product Introduction) - follows a product from its creation to the marketplace
  • PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) - focuses on project management, organization and control
  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) - a method used to improve an existing process
 Choosing the Right Method: Lean, Six Sigma    Choosing the Right Method: Lean, Six Sigma

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