This paper was submitted for publication 1/13/06 and is copyright to Lev Virine© 2006.
Published here August 2006.

Abstract | Introduction | Moment of Risk and State of Activity 
Event Chains | Performance Tracking with Event and Event Chains
History Matching and Relevance Analysis | Risk Event Chains and Risk Mitigation


If risk and uncertainties based on Event Chain Methodology are defined properly, the project schedule should be much more robust. Event Chain Methodology allows the manager to model projects with uncertainties in a much simpler manner. Most project managers actively create and update project schedules and risk lists. Event chain methodology allows the manager to combine both lists to provide a simple answer to the central question of project management - how long will the project take and how much will it cost if an event occurs.

Risk Event Chains and Risk Mitigation  Risk Event Chains and Risk Mitigation

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