This Guest paper is an update of an earlier paper published on the Internet in June 1999.

It was submitted for publication on this web site and is Copyright to M.A. Seely & Q.P. Duong, 2005.
Published here December 2005.

Abstract | Introduction | Project Management Learning
Project Classification | Management by Rules | Management by Methods
Management by Objectives | Management by Values | PART II

Management by Methods

At Level 2, the Lowest Static Baseline is the requirements baseline, illustrated in Figure 4. These projects are referred to in the DBM as construction. For construction projects, the art and science of project management is in selecting and manipulating alternative design approaches to implement the requirements with optimal efficiency; i.e., the design is a dynamic baseline. The corresponding project management behavior appropriate to a Level 2 environment is MBM.

Figure 4: Static Requirements Baseline
Figure 4: Static Requirements Baseline

The Project:

A typical MBM application would be an "implement the requirement" scenario having a tangible product, evolving design, stable technology, and low integration. In fact, the requirements of an MBM project are generally sufficiently stable that the tendering process is often used to position the implementation with a contractor. The project management organizational structure would be a dedicated or "projectized" organization.

The People:

The ideal MBM behavior features a high aptitude for the mastery of tools. The career long MBM practitioner would be a Myers Briggs ISTP (Introverted/ Sensing/Thinking/Perceptive) or "Grafter," representing approximately 10% of the population.

The project management training syllabus for MBM includes subjects such as:

  • Configuration management
  • Contingency
  • Desk books
  • Earned value management
  • Matrix management
  • Pareto diagram
  • Procurement template
  • Requirements assignment matrix
  • Resource leveling
  • Statement of work
  • Risk management
  • Systems engineering framework
  • Software tools (MS Project, Primavera)
  • Trend analysis, regression
  • Work Breakdown Structure
Management by Rules  Management by Rules

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