This paper was first
presented at IPMA's
20th World Congress
in Shanghai, China, in
October 2006.
It has been adapted
for presentation on
this web site.
Published here August 2007

Abstract | Introduction | It's All About Competence | Who Needs PM Competence? 
Exploring Project Management Competence | Developing Project Management Competence 
Enter the PM CompModel | Evolution of asapm's Version of CompModel
Interventions: Training and Coaching | Conclusion


In too many situations, we observe speakers who interchange the terms knowledge, skills and competence without regard to their meanings. As a consequence of these flawed practices, a number of people have been certified in project management knowledge, and then believe that they are competent as project managers. Indeed, some companies even require all PM job applicants to be so certified in the mistaken belief that knowledge equates to competence.

asapm,[1] the USA Member Affiliate of International Project Management Association, has worked since its founding to dispel the confusion and clarify the differences between knowledge, skills and competence. asapm works to help people in the world of project management improve their understanding of the difference between knowledge and competence by offering its competence-based certification program. It is anticipated that this clarification will continue as project managers, enterprise executives and project management training vendors rush to catch the competence fast train before it leaves the station.

Abstract  Abstract

1. asapm (all lower case, to reflect the fact that we are subordinate to our members) is the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management, the USA Member Affiliate of the International Project Management Association.
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