This paper was first
presented at IPMA's
20th World Congress
in Shanghai, China, in
October 2006.
It has been adapted
for presentation on
this web site.
Published here August 2007

Abstract | Introduction | It's All About Competence | Who Needs PM Competence? 
Exploring Project Management Competence | Developing Project Management Competence 
Enter the PM CompModel | Evolution of asapm's Version of CompModel
Interventions: Training and Coaching | Conclusion


Understanding, assessing, and developing PM competence of all project stakeholders is the missing ingredient in many of today's "improvement" initiatives. PM competence is not easy to achieve, it is difficult to measure, and competes with other options that promise to increase competitive edge but in reality don't deliver. And yet, every participant in every project clearly sees the consequence of project incompetence, whether on the part of the project manager, resource manager, sponsor, team members, or other key stakeholders.


We have presented the background and purpose of our long-used and increasingly popular PM CompModel. We have shown its use for assessment and development of program and project managers, plus project staff and stakeholders in a clear project manager's competence development ladder. We have shown a way to establish the linkages between classroom training, real-world application, rewards and behaviors, demonstrated competence, and formal PM certification programs.

We have shown how individuals can use PM CompModel to gain insight into their readiness to apply for advanced multi-level competence-based certification programs. We have shown how project teams and enterprises can use it to improve their project performance. We have also shown one way to bridge the large gap between process improvement and project performance left by most PM process maturity models.

We believe that the PM CompModel is the way to leap up the ladder, see Figure 4.

Figure 4: Leaping up the ladder
Figure 4: Leaping up the ladder


I would like to thank the following people for their ideas and comments that helped improve this paper:

Interventions: Training and Coaching  Interventions: Training and Coaching

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