This paper was first
presented at IPMA's
20th World Congress
in Shanghai, China, in
October 2006.
It has been adapted
for presentation on
this web site.
Published here August 2007

Abstract | Introduction | It's All About Competence | Who Needs PM Competence? 
Exploring Project Management Competence | Developing Project Management Competence 
Enter the PM CompModel | Evolution of asapm's Version of CompModel
Interventions: Training and Coaching | Conclusion

It's All About Competence

Some Definitions

What is competence? Some definitions will help. Webster's Dictionary defines competence as: Qualified, capable, or adequate for the stipulated purpose. ISO 17024,[2] the Competence Standard, defines competence as: demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and/or skills and, where relevant, demonstrated personal attributes as defined in the certification schema. ProjectExperts' experience with the subject leads us to define competence as: "Consistently demonstrated and appropriately used attitudes, behavioral attributes, skills and knowledge, resulting in clear enterprise benefit".[3]

In the USA, the term competency is the equivalent of the term competence. So, to avoid confusion we use the term "competence" throughout this paper.

Societies Embrace Competence-Based Certifications

Virtually every PM-related Society now offers or has announced competence-based program or project manager certifications. The market clearly recognizes that it must move to PM Competence. At the same time, even with this apparent discovery of the need for project manager competence, very few enterprises are paying attention to developing the project management competence of all the other project stakeholders. They are today's forgotten many.

Introduction  Introduction

2. International Standard ISO/IEC 17024:2003: Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. ISO Copyright Office, Email:
3. ProjectExperts, a Division of Goff Associates, Inc., has provided project management training, coaching, consulting and products such as PM CompModel since 1982.
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