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Productivity increased 200% to 500%

The Stress Analysis group increased the system throughput by 200% to 500%. Because the Stress Analysts were the constraint resource, the Leads moving resources and sharing work between design groups, created a dramatic improvement in drawing release performance. It would not have been possible without the mental shift and focus that accompanies the Critical Chain constraints management approach.

Earned Value

The Senior VP on the program, an Earned Value expert, thought we had a new innovative way to game the EV system. When the schedule SPI got better, he said the cost must have gotten worse. To the contrary, the cost performance index CPI also improved. That means that we significantly changed the productivity of the whole system. Earned Value was assigned to each drawing. EV was earned only when the drawing was completed. This way, you cannot game the system.

777-300ER Derivative was fast

The first derivative airplane, the 777-300 ER (Extended Range), using CCPM, was scheduled for 18 months, an aggressive schedule.

777-200LR Derivative was even faster

The second derivative airplane, the 777-200 LR (Long Range), using CCPM, was scheduled for 16 months, a very aggressive schedule. It had mostly the same people and this time everyone believed the data.


The 777-300ER was early and under budget.
The 777-200LR was 5 months early and under budget.

The Airframe Stress Analysis Department  The Airframe Stress Analysis Department

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